Before I purchase the BB theme

Hi Devs,

Just did something I thought I’d never do - asked for my money back on a product (genesis, bad customer support when I reported a bug), so am looking into the competition.

So if I upgrade my BB account, and begin using the theme, do I have to pay yearly to download the theme updates?

Seeing as security is dramatically diminished if one does not update plugins, it seems like it is compulsory to update the plugin - and thus pay $100 (?) per year, every year using the theme.

The BB itself is amazing value, because I have bought a product I can use for years, even without updates, and I don’t necessarily need to pay a subscription fee if I can’t afford one.

It looks like the BB theme forces one to pay subscription, due to security problems/incompatibility with future wordpress versions.

Of course I don’t expect ‘something for nothing’ - you can’t keep the theme current for free, but I think $100 yearly is steep, and not particularly competitive VS the competition.

Still, the product is good, and you guys gotta eat!

PS will you fix the sticky header issue? When a page is re sized/viewed on mobile, your header loses it’s fixed attribute

Hey Adam,

I have already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your inquiry. In the meantime, you can check our FAQs section as it may answer some of your concerns!


Hey Adam,

Did our FAQs section help out with your questions or is anything further we can assist with?


Hi Billy,

Thanks for getting back to me.

1 - Will security be ok with the unrenewed theme for a few years, or will my hand be forced to renew? I do not want to pay a subscription for a theme.

2 - How much is it to renew a pro license, $120 2 weeks in advance? If I want to renew the theme only, and not the BB, is that possible?


Hey Adam,

#1 - Hard to say there, but it is always a good idea to keep plugins and themes updated as you probably know. You never know when a new threat will be introduced that would force us to release a security update.

#2 - Yes, 40% off for renewals. The Pro version renewal would include updates for both the plugin and theme. It is not possible to renew them separately.



I notice your sites header loses it’s fixed attribute when page zoom is changed, and your header isn’t fixed on mobile. Are there any plans to fix this so we can have a fixed header at all times using the theme, regardless of device or page zoom?

Are there widget areas in the footer? I need navigation menus, and social links in there.

Finally, can I remove the site-tagline easily.


Hey Adam,

We don’t currently have plans of making the site header fixed on mobile actually. That is by design as the header would then take up valuable real estate for content. However, you are welcome to add it to our User Voice forum and we’ll review at some point. You can include page zoom if you like in this request as well.

Yes, you can elect widget areas in the footer and the site tagline is really easy to remove.


Alright buddy, I suspect I’ll upgrade to pro when this weeks update hits the www.

Have a good week.

Sounds like a plan, you as well!