Best caching setup for Beaver Builder


I am currently setting up beaver builder on multisite environment.

The site is behind cloudflare and the hosting is running varnish & memcache.

What is the best caching option out there when using beaver builder? Does beaver builder make use of the transient API?

Hey Mike! To be honest, none of us here are experts with NGINX environments, so we don’t have a lot of insight there. There are some very good conversations in the forum history, though, on NGINX configuration. You could try searching through some of the old threads for ideas.

Also, this would be a good question for our community groups on Facebook and Slack:

I am not 100% sure on the transient API question. I’ll assign someone from the dev team to take a look, though! Hope that helps.

To be honest I am not married to my host (siteground). I joined because they said they had all this optimization stuff and now they are telling me it is not compatible with multisite.

Is there a host you would recommend for best compatibility and speed with beaver builder?

Mike, we try not to make recommendations for hosting as the options really depend on what you need and we don’t want to play favorites. Regarding speed, you generally get what you pay for. Sorry to keep sending you away, but this would be another really good question for our user community. :slight_smile:

Hey Mike,

Regarding the Transient API, we don’t make use of that because we don’t have a need to. However, to be honest, we’ve never really considered that too deeply. So, I’ll keep that in mind the next time we do any work on data storage.


Hi Mike,

I try my self siteground time ago today all our sites with digitalocean

As for the NGINX all our site run on [Ubuntu14.04TLS-Nginx-(PHP-FPM)-Wordpress-Mariadb] with fastcgi Redis for caching.

To find more on high performance Nginx Servers try here:


Thanks for the resource, alhawiya! Have you taken that course? Is it worth the enrollment fee? I’m intersted, haha!

Hi Robby
Though I would give you this link any course $8 until 30th


Most caching plugins can do some clever stuff with transient API. I usually create a hash and then check the transient key to see if hash matches for certain processes that take more than a few ms. Some caching systems will hold the transient in memory so there is no database call.

I am still fairly new to Wordpress but it is similar to technique I use in other CMS.


I don’t have time to learn server management unfortunately. I looked a DO droplets but I need someone there when things go wrong.

Hi Robby,

I took the course? Is it worth the enrollment fee? with udemy current discount.

Thanks for sharing, guys! I’ll check it out!