Best framework for Beaver Builder

This is a general question. I am looking to use BB with the frameworks I commonly use to build sites. I use the Genesis, Headway and iThemes Builder frameworks. In relation to page speed, does BB work more efficiently with any of these three frameworks?

And, is there another theme or framework you recommend me to look at further in relation to site functioning and speed?


Hi John,

With regard to speed and efficiency, I think you’ll find that the Beaver Builder plugin will be about same on all the frameworks. The only possible issue you might run into is when creating full edge to edge sections on a page. There is some custom css and page templates available for Genesis themes and the Dynamik Website Builder theme, but I’m not sure if anything has been done with Headway or the iThemes themes in that respect yet. You may to have to modify the theme style sheets to get the full width sections on those frameworks.

You should probably also take a look at the Beaver Builder theme too. It is a very flexible theme that, because it was developed by the Beaver Builder team, has been fine tuned to work hand-in-hand with the Beaver Build plugin. This makes it the most logical choice if you’re looking for speed and functionality.

Some of us have our favorite frameworks (I’m a big Genesis / Dynamik fan) so I think the best thing to do is try Beaver Builder on your favorite framework and get a feel for it in an environment that you’re already comfortable with. If you’re not already attached to a particular framework, maybe try the Beaver Builder theme. It really is all you’ll probably need for most websites. Best of all, if you have any problems, you have the same support team for both the theme and the plugin, and that is always a good thing in my experience.

Hope that helps:)

Thanks for the informative reply. I am also a big Genesis/Dynamik fan and most of my sites are built this way. I will also look further into the Beaver Theme.

You mentioned that there are some custom css and page templates available for Genesis themes and the Dynamik Website Builder theme. These sound useful. Would you be able to point me towards where these are?

Many thanks, John

You’re very welcome, John.

Funny enough, I’m in the middle of putting a blog post together on this very subject. I’ll have it posted tomorrow and will update this thread when it’s online.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I’ve just posted instructions on how to set up Dynamik Website Builder to enable the use of full width rows in the Beaver Builder plugin.

Hope that helps:)

I will post the Genesis instructions soon.


This is really useful. I have signed up for your newsletter.

Thanks Colin,


I just got the beaver builder and i use the ultimatum framework and so it beaver works great with it. I will be using beaver over the included VC

Thanks Colin, here an ancillary question for you. Is there a way to create a new layout using Beaver Builder Theme? I see “Default”, “No Header / Footer”, and “Sidebar” but is there a way to create a custom layout?

Hey Howard,

I’d just chime in here. You can check the link below for more information on how to recreate a new page template. You can also make use of the default templates that our theme has for reference. Let us know how it goes!