Best way to use multiple sidebars?

I would like to have a different sidebar on some of the pages. Best way to do this? Does Beaver do it and I just cannot find it?

Thanks much, Dave

Hey Dave! I’m @ruknaree on twitter :slight_smile:

I think you can add a Row Layout: Left Sidebar and build your widgets or stuff there.

You can create sidebars in wordpress too via register_sidebars and use the Advanced Modules: sidebar to choose the one you created.

Just my 5 cents, maybe there is another way, like using some plugin to add custom sidebars.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the support Roberto! You are correct in that we have sidebars available under Row Layouts in the Beaver Builder interface. You have the option for either a right/left sidebar and both if you like! Let me know if you have any issues finding those and if you have any further questions!