Blank Content After SIte Transfer

I’m currently developing a client site that is residing at a temporary URL here:

I also have a local copy running on Desktop Server for testing things.

Today I tried to copy the site both using WP Migrate DB Pro or the Interconnect It script and clearing the cache folder but, when I load the home page, All I get are the header/nav and footer. There is no content showing whatsoever.

Then, if I launch the page builder, the entire content is placed in one large text editor widget and my slider row and other rows are gone. I’m quite certain I’ve been able to make a copy of the site before without theses issues which worry me as the site is supposed to go live around April 8th and I don’t want to get those issues after a transfer to the final domain.

Any ideas what may be going on that is causing this?


Just to add that I’m realizing that some pages are OK and displaying correctly but others are not. No idea what could be different.

Hey Stéphane,

Sorry to hear about the issues! Would you mind letting us know which version of BB you are on currently? We had a few issues that sound related to this and released an update to address them immediately. Let me know when you get a chance. The latest version is 1.5.2 and was released 3/24/15.


Hi Billy,

I am at 1.5.2 both on the main (live) dev site and my local DesktopSever install where I see the issue.

Thank you!


Very interesting. Would you mind providing temp admin access to the main site so we can take a look? Also, let me know which page to take a look at where this issue resides.


[Content Hidden]

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks, all set on this end. I logged and checked out both sites. As far as I can tell, things look to be as they should on my end both on the frontend and using Beaver Builder on the pages. Are you still experiencing issues?


The “live” site where you went is fine. It’s when I move it locally with either WP Migrate DB Pro or exporting the DB then running the InterconnectIT script on my local DesktopServer install that those pages’ content do not load and if I start the builder, it just puts everything in a text editing module breaking the layout completely.

My worry is that it will break similarly when I move the site to the final live URL instead of the current sub-domain where you logged-in.

Ah, I see what you mean. You shouldn’t have any issues there (between live URLs), but I wonder what may be going on in your local environment - that is strange and I am unfortunately at a loss for ideas there. :frowning: