blank white page after customize save and publish

I was on the home page.
I was logged in as admin.
I clicked on the admin drop down menu and choose Customize.
While I was waiting for it to load the page, I navigated to footer -> footer widget style -> link color

It’s still showing the loading spinner on the screen

I changed the link color and choose save and publish.

Then I got a white screen.
the domain is:

How can I restore our layout?

  • Nohl

i just found this post:

Our issue sounds similar. We do not have the event plugin installed.

I disabled this plugin: AGP Font Awesome Collection and reloaded the site pages. Problem is gone.

I was able to re-enable the plugin after successfully reloading pages.

Please mark this closed.

Great to hear, Joey, let us know if anything arises again! :slight_smile: