Blog Post Author Link


I’ve just started using BB and am using Genesis for my theme (creating a custom child theme using the Sample Child Theme).

I’m wondering if there is a way to turn off the link for the author’s name on the blog page? I’ve tried a few Genesis code snippets to alter the post feed meta line, but none seem to be working which makes me think this is something specific to BB. I want to show the author’s name I just don’t want it to be clickable.

Any Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Hi Michelle,

If this is the blog page, then it is theme specific, it won’t have anything to do with BB. Unless you’re displaying the posts using the Post module.

You could try this plugin which I believe allows you to edit the post meta.


Thanks Danny,

I probably should have mentioned I am using the Post module in BB. I have tried the Simple Edits plugin. When I look at the Inspector it seems like the Genesis meta line is being overwritten by BB.

Hey Michelle,

Can you share the URL of the page in question so we can take a look?


Unfortunately I can’t share a URL yet, it’s still in Desktop Server.

I’ve tested the page as just a standard blog page and I can edit the author line with Genesis Simple Edits, I just lose those changes I use the Post Module…

I guess I’m just wondering if it is even possible to modify the author line of the Post Module?