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Hello BB, I have a problem with the blog section on the theme, something happened i can’t seed the:

-old post
-Article by Author

On the lateral post page this support tone there. but is not. how i can fix this.

[Content Hidden]

you can see this blog is incomplete and doesn’t look right

Hey Geovanis,

You mean you can’t access these pages? I just tried and I’m able to see them.

Articles by Author

And the old posts are on the single post page where you can click on a button to take you to the post that’s preceding it.


Hi Jun
The problem is i can’t see the lateral side for the old post, such as:


Older Post

News Post

that information no work correctively

Hey Geovanis,

Do you have more than 3 posts on your site? The archive pagination only appears if you have more posts than what you’ve set in the Blog pages show at most setting under Settings > Reading. Try setting that to 1 and you’ll see the pagination come up. If it doesn’t, we might need temp admin access to your site so we can check.