Blog Posts Not Showing Images

Hello, I am using BB and trying to create a general blog page with 10 posts listed. I have tried using Grid, Gallery and Feed settings and still all the posts do not show image. I have tried to embed the image in the actual post text editor and have also attempted to add an image block on the post page via BB. The all show up on the individual post page but when I go to the main list page where all blogs are listed it only shows text and does not show the images of the posts. I do have it set to show the image and have tried thumbnail, medium and large settings and non seem to show the images in the posts list. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi Todd,

Did you assign a Featured Image to your posts?

That’s not something you can’t do in the Beaver Builder plugin, so you’ll have to open the post in WordPress, then on the bottom right hand side, you should see the Featured Post option. Just add the image you want to display.

If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme, you should also go to the Blog section of the Theme Settings and make sure that “Featured Image” is not set as hidden.

I Hope that helps.


Hey Colin,
Perfect! Worked like a charm. Thank you so much for all your help!!!