Blog Template and Plugins

Hi, I was wondering: If I create a blog with the bb standard blog template, can I use social share and other plugins in combination with that or do those only work with the “regular” wordpress blog page?

Hi Fabian,

Which plugins are you referring to, so I can test them on my end?


Hi Danny,

thanks for your response!

It would be the following plugins:

Genesis Simple Share
Top 10
Add Widget After Content
Rapidology By LeadPages
Contextual Related Posts

I have my blog currently here:, so you can see how I would like it to look. But I like to include it on my new domain going forward here: Then instead of using the old theme I would go with the bb template if that works…


Hey Fabian,

I won’t really say they will work 100%, but I worked on a site once and I did see 3rd party enhancements inside each Post in the Posts module. If you already have those plugins, give it a shot and let us know how it goes! We’ll be more than happy to check if it doesn’t work for some reason! :slight_smile: