I want to create a blog page for my WP site I’ve created with Beaver Builder Pro. Would I need any additional plugin to do this or can it be done with Beaver Builder by itself?

Hi Ian,
The default behavior of WordPress (and it’s home page) is as a blogging platform.
So not really sure what you mean - perhaps describe in more details what you want to accomplish?
Also checkout the following info from the docs describing how to enter a Post (blog entry)

HTH, Dave

Ah of course! Sorry I originally built my WP site with BB Pro to be more of a traditional website, and only now I’m thinking of adding a blog to it.

Thanks for the link I’ll check that out. I’m sure I can find out what I need with a bit of research, but just one quick question…

I’ve created a new page, then added the BB ‘Blog Standard’ template. Am I right in thinking I design the page with BB as usual, but then write the posts by going into the WP dashboard and going to ‘posts’ then ‘add new’? Also will the posts archive automatically or does this need to be set up?

Hi Ian,

If you have set your page to use the Blog Standard template. Then all you need to do from then on, is create your posts via the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Posts > Add New. Once your posts have been published they will automatically be added to your blog.

All the best,

Great sounds nice and simple. Thanks for the help