Bold font not displaying correctly

Hi all, I’ve recently updated BB to the latest version and the text I’ve changed to bold is now no longer displaying as bold on my webpage. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong here?

Image attached as an example of what is happening…

Same problem here. Please help us out

Do you have a style applied to it (particularly a font)? If so, it is probably overriding the bold attribute. Underline works, but haven’t figured out why the bold doesn’t.

I have no css styling. I only want to use roboto font.
Indeed something seems to overwrite but no idea how to solve it?

I love my beaver platform but it drives me insane not to be able to make a simple single word bold!!!?

Unless someone shares the url to a site where you cant bold, noone can help. Changing to bold in the wp text editor will set the text to bold, but if your theme is setting bold to something else, it wont be bold.

I am experiencing the same issue. The issue is that there is a style that overwrites all font weights that are applied inside a rich text editor from beaver builder. When I bold a word or manually add a <strong> element [See screenshot below], the style overwrites any decorating element. The class name in question that is causing the issue is .fl-builder-content .fl-node-5fd376cec570d .fl-rich-text *, it targets everything inside a rich text editor and overwrites it.

If you set a colour in the rich-text style settings that is the only way with css that we can make the text all that colour. Same applies to weights.

Ok so we can reset the color option, but there is no way to reset the font weight back to default once set, which is why we were having trouble. We’ll delete and re-add the text editors on all our pages. It would be helpful to allow the font weight to be reset or clear the entire Style settings, but thank you for responding and helping get a fix!

Hi, I’ve been using BB for a few weeks and am loving it. I’m having the same bolding issue in the text editor, and I’m confused on how to fix it. I’m using a Google font, and the text I’m trying to bold is the second paragraph in the link below. Thanks.