Bologna Living: An Insider's Guide to Bologna, Italy


Here’s another one of my sites, Bologna Living. I live here and thought it’d be fun to write an English language guide to the city for travelers and expats. I’m using Astra, Beaver Themer, UABB, PowerPack, WooCommerce, and GeoDirectory for the events and places directory.

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Michael, I like, nice job!

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HI Michael, love the website that you have built, Can you please tell me how you have made the latest articles appear like this? I think it looks great. Also, when you hover over an image it zooms in, how do you achieve this?



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Hi Will,

It looks like the zoom effect is part of the module being used. However, you can achieve a similar effect with some custom CSS. We have an article on our knowledge base which shows how to do this for the Photo module. This CSS can be used on any image, but will require amendments to the CSS. :slight_smile:

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I’m using the PowerPack Content Tiles module.