Bootstrap slideshow

I have built a bootstrap slideshow (carousel) custom module using beaver builder. Everything works great, except for the part where I need to modify some instance areas in regards to javascript.

So I have /my-module/includes/frontend.js.php containing the bootstrap overrides for things like, calling speed for slide duration. On bootstrap’s website, its done like so:

  interval: 2000

So in the beaver builder frontend.js.php file, I have my code like so:

(function($) {
	$(function() {
		$('#quote-slider-<?php echo $id ?>').carousel({
		    interval: <?php echo intval($settings->speed); ?> //This is pulling in the right speed as well.

Checking into it with Chrome inspector under sources, the JS is there, and it has the correct settings. However, something is over-riding it to default settings. Any help would be appreciated.

Close. Forgot to properly hook into jquery at the end.

Hey Fernando,

Glad you figured it out! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: