Bottom up tutorials

Hi All!
Are there any basic bottom up tutorials (pref. video) that you would recommend? I struggle with reading type tutorials as I am a visual (spatial) and physical (kinesthetic) learner monkey see, monkey do type of guy!
The knoweledge base is invaluable, but it takes me an inordinate amount of time to read and digest. once I undersatnd the logic and fundementals i’m good to go.
Anysuggestions would be gratefully recieved as I am wallowing in a mire.
Thanks in bated anticipation.
oh almost forgot i’m in a similar situation with themer too. Ta.

Google beaver builder tutorial and switch to the video tab, you’ll find some cartoons there. :sweat_smile:
And good luck with the almost full text KB, unfortunately, til today, nothing more complete exists than written explanations… ah yes, it requires an abstract effort to assimilate the concepts.

Hi we have created some new Beaver Builder video tutorials on YouTube. Check it out as we upload weekly!

Forgot to mention we also have some Beaver Themer tutorial videos that can walk you through how to use it step-by-step: