Broken link image trapped in beaver builder modules

I’m a novice and have done a migration from sub-domain to primary domain, after which the sub-domain was deleted. Everything is fine, but I was stuck with images in some of the migrated BB modules which ended up as broken links. Clearing of BB cache did not help. I have to delete all the affected modules & re-do each & every bb module with new image (even to rename it). Though tedious, all these broken links were solved except for one below persistently identified by broken link checkers:-

Linked from :

Anchor Text: style: .fl-node-605de38d450fc > .fl-row-content-wrap

From my knowledge, the image was last used in the support page of which even deleting the page didn’t help. How do I trace to the page of this broken image to remove the affected module. There are only 25 pages of my website of which I can delete the affected page & re-do again at the site if I know where it is.

Please help !

Thanks for reading. I have solved the issue by correcting the affected file in the cache folder of BB plugin.

The cache folder… being a cache will get nuked next time you edit a page, clear the cache or many other ways.

What you need to do is look at your page source and find node 605de38d450fc

Thanks for the solution.

From where & how do I find this “node 605de38d450fc” ? I have only 25 pages, I have checked all pages but there’s no clue of which page is causing the problem. The BB image module where the picture was last used had been deleted & re-do with new picture but it didn’t help. I even delete the page & the bug still continues.

What you said is correct, the broken link turns up again.

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Which page has the missing image?

its’ an obsolete image. No page is using the image.

Ok im lost what is the issue then?