Bug problem with block areas not being able to edit them

I have been having the same problem over and over.

I will ad say a 4 block area and add in some content text, photos anything into the block areas and when i want to edit the block settings to set the background color and border i can not do it.

When i roll over to highlight the edit tool for each block i never get the area to show up to click on to be able to edit each area… This is making what should be a very easy change very time consuming.

What i have to do to make it work is remove all the content i have in the block area and then i can click on it to edit it and then put back all the content to be able to see if i like it or not and to remove it all over and over each time to make the next change till i like my settings.

I then have to do all this to the other 3 block areas removing everything just to be able to make the background and border changes to each area.

Also i can not get a block to overlay on top of another with the transparency setting showing threw.

And can you please add a pick background color for the text tool with a transparency setting this would fix the above problem and let us place text in another color area and set a background color and transparency to blend with.

I can not find a way to add a text area in a block area that has its own background color to make it stand out?
I have a block area that is set to white for all the other items in that block and want to add in a color block area with text.

Call to action almost works for this except it forces you to have the extra button and space if you could add a use no button and close up the gap for the space the button would of took up then this could be used for this feature if nothing else.



Does this screencast demonstrate the problem you’re having?


Hi Edward,

Thanks for getting in touch. Re. the immediate issue you are having, have you tried the following steps. If not, please do so so we can pinpoint where to start when looking into this bug:

Re. the text module, you can select all of the text and change the color using the color picker tool in the text editor just like you would within the WordPress editor.

  • Disable all plugins and test the Beaver Builder while reactivating each to determine if the issue is related to a 3rd party plugin.
  • Important - step by step instructions on how to recreate the issue.
  • Provide browser versions being used and error logs, if possible.
  • Provide links to specific pages where the issues reside for testing purposes.
  • Provide temporary WP login and FTP access to your site. (please use private reply)

Look forward to hearing back and figuring this out for you!


Thanks Colin, the screencast is perfect re. the text coloring!


the video by Colin shows the problem after adding any content items to box area you can not longer access the styling area for the block areas.

I have no sound as i am workin gon the road right now on a PC so i do not know if the video had sound but what it shows is the same problem i am having on any block area.

Hey Guys,

You can in fact edit the background color or other settings of the column after a module has been added. The column settings are still available after a module has been added and are added to the menu of module settings. The icon resembles a book or 2 columns. Let me know if you have any trouble finding that.


Thanks Billy!

Yes the works thanks never thought of clicking on that with in the other element.