Bug: Row editing modules don't display on no-header themes.

Using Bb-theme. Set Header layout to ‘none’ and full width layout.

Go into bb-builder. Create full-width rows.

Hover over the top-most row. The ‘fl-builder-bar-content’ (with the beaver icon) actually HIDES the controls needed to edit that first row.

If I go into the CSS and create a ‘.fl-page-content{ margin-top:30px};’ Then it fixes the issue. It pushes down the content enough so that I can again see the controls to edit the row.

I’m not sure the complexities of this - but wouldn’t it make sense for the fl-builder-bar-content to completely push down the entirety of the page-content? It’s set as fixed? So it is taken out of the ‘flow’ of html elements, thus when you don’t have a header set - you cant see your little tab to control the row.

Hope this can get fixed- it’s minor but i like to create my own ‘header sections’ using html on some pages.

Edit: I went to go try take a screenshot of the problem - and noticed that if I set the fl-page-content to 29px, the row-editing controls actually have not enough space at the top again, and so they’re actually snapping to the bottom left corner of the row instead. They’re still ‘visible’ on the page, but they’re not in the place you’d expect. I still think pushing the content down 30px will be a good bugfix, but at least I know how to work around it now.

Hey Jay,

You are right in that the controls transfer to the bottom left corner of the topmost row when on a no header layout. We’d like to replicate the frontend of the page as much as possible so adding a top margin with blank content will just add confusion(specially when adding a row background).

Hope this makes sense.