Bug? Saved row containing global modules not working correctly


I am working on an events page where the bottom of most pages has callouts in columns linking to other events. All callouts are saved as global. On each page however, the callouts displayed is slightly different, so I am not saving the row as global.

When I go to drag my saved row into a layout however, the callouts displayed are not global, and instead appear to be older revisions of the same callouts (I can tell because they contain ‘lorem ipsum’ text from earlier versions).

I suspect this is a bug. Any ideas?

Also, what is the expected behavior for a saved row containing global modules? Should it contain the global modules when used again? Or copies?

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Hey Sean,

When you save a row as a template and it has a global module, the global module is converted to a regular module upon saving the row template.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hey Ben,

I suspected that was the case, however there still seems to be an issue in that the content in the newly created copies isn’t the same content as the original global module.

Instead, the content displayed is from an earlier instance of the module. In this case, instead of reflecting the final copy from the global module at the time of duplication (i.e. when the row the module was within was saved), it is displaying placeholder text from earlier.

It’s also worth noting that these modules have been saved in rows at earlier times, including when they contained the placeholder text. It seems as though the new copies of the modules are referencing older versions of themselves.

Hey Sean,

I actually tried playing around on my local dev but can’t recreate the issue. Here’s what I did.

  1. Loaded the Hope template
  2. Change a text from the Text Editor module to something else
  3. Saved the same module, now containing the new set of texts, as a Glboal module
  4. Saved the row as a template
  5. Loaded the row, and it contained the new set of texts

Can you recreate this issue? If so, do you mind listing down the steps in order to do so?