bug: Ultimate Posts Widget not working

Ultimate Posts Widget works when in site of customize but when you try to use it from the page builder side bar there is no options.

Hey Mike,

I do indeed get the same thing on my local. We’re gonna issue a bug report for this. Would it be possible if you could grant us temporary admin details for your site as well as FTP, and if you could provide the steps on how to recreate the issue that would be super!


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Navigate to a page (I made one for you) go to page build builder. WordPress widgets->(drag)Ultimate Post to page. This causes nothing to show up.

this works:
If you go to the customize->widgets->footer column 1 ->add a widget->ultimate Posts. This will work but the options show up in a separate window. So you can see what the options should be. Tell me if you need any more info.

Do we have an update on this one? I’m having the exact same issue with Ultimate Post widget not working on the builder.

its same with the Flexible Posts Widget plugin. I think it is the Tabs function on the plugin that is messing up with the builder not really sure though.

Hey LTBaynosa,

This was answered on the wp.org forums, sorry as it seemed like we left it hanging. The problem is the plugin is not coded to work in the frontend. Check the link below for more info. :slight_smile: