Build Some Custom Modules For Me?

Hey, Guys:

I’m looking for at least 3 custom modules to be built, and one query.

Module #1: Video Module.

Displays video in a lightbox (similar to how BeaverBuilder’s webpage works) except in this case we would want a call to action (like a form) at the bottom.

The user would be able to set (a) thumbnail (b) video URL (i.e. hosted, youtube, vimeo).

This would be displayed on a page like ours at and we’d show a few on the same page, so no collisions.

This is the most important/difficult.

Module #2: Portfolio

I’d want to be able to have a query that displays posts/etc based on a post ID comma delimited structure: 4,5,6,13 etc. That would work just like the current “posts” works for the most part.

Module #3: Split test Module. This could be a “row” and wrap other modules with no padding and allow "option 1 and “option 2” to be shown and then, via inference, we could begin to help the community do this.


I’m HAPPY to pay good money for this. And what’s more, I’ll pay even more if this code is released to the community where it can work.