Builder loading blank white page

I had put some jQuery into the javascript settings for a page layout when I had a timeout on saving the script.

Since then, everytime I load the builder on this page I get a blank white screen. Other pages are fine. I tried viewing the page in the normal WP text editor, then switching back to the builder but had no luck.

Any ideas?

Hey Sean,

Have you tried restoring the page to an earlier revision and see if that takes care of it? What code did you place in? Do you mind sharing it here? Better yet, can you share temp admin access to your site so we can check?


Hi Ben,

Solved this by restoring a previous version. Such a simple fix I didn’t even think of it!


That’s good to hear, Sean! Also, on the next update, bad JS code shouldn’t break the builder anymore. :slight_smile: Enjoy BB!