Building a directory

I want to build a local business diretory for a niche market (bacally a business listing website). I was looking at theme called “LISTABLE”, they claim that its work well with BB plugin. Any idea or experience on this?

Whats the best approach to building a business listing directory website?

Hi Shehryar,

Unfortunately, I have no experience with that theme or building a listing directory. Also with that being a premium theme. I am not able to test this for you.

What kind of listing are you hoping to create? Do you have an example we can take a look at?


Just a basic business listing directory. I think it is quiet possible with bb theme and plugin. I do have a question, lets say I put a 100 businesses on my directory website. I want to have a good search feature on the website (that is also location based). Basically if the user searches “pizza”, the closest pizza to them from my business directory shows. How can I do that?

Hey Sherry,

Neither the BB theme nor plugin offers that kind of functionality. I believe a business directory listing plugin might be able to do that for you.

Unfortunately, like what Danny said above, we don’t have much experience in using one so I can’t recommend any. Feel free to ask the same question over to the BB FB Group or Slack Channel.