Bulk update layout on all pages

I am implementing BB on several existing websites, some having 100+ pages. If I create one layout and want to use that layout on all my pages, how do I bulk update that to work on every page?

Also, in relation to my other question, how can I make sure the content of all other pages are not overwritten by the content from which the layout template was based upon?

Lastly, I would expect an update of a specific layout (from which several Pages are based) to adjust to the Pages using that particular layout - but it doesn’t.

Is BB in fact just a way to create a design for one page at one particular time and once it is created it loses the attachment to its “spawned” pages? It really seems like it does. If so, I don’t really see the point of this product to be honest.

What I expected it to do was to create a layout template that I could use in order to re-design websites I already have. It seems instead to be just a Page template creator.

Hey Christoffer,

This is pretty much the same question as your other thread which I’ve already replied to. :slight_smile: