Button stuck in hover state after being clicked

I added a standard button module to my page and then styled it to have a “default” state and a “hover” state (using the visual editor, no css modification): image
Hovering over the button, as expected, changes the button style to the “hover” state, and moving the mouse cursor away reverts it back to the “default” state, also as expected. The issue arises when I click the button, which causes the button style to be stuck in the “hover” state even if I move my cursor away from it. The only way to get it “un-stuck” is to click somewhere else on the page. I am not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I expect the button to return back to the default state after I have clicked it and moved my mouse cursor away. I’d appreciate any help on this issue.

I just noticed this as well… I’m using latest version of Chrome, agency version of BB.