Callout Image Alignment

I can’t find a simple way to get the image to align right of the heading only and have the text go the full width. Then I’m hoping to make it a global saved module.

Here is the page: Test Page – A site

Thank you!


Pull into place your three column row. Then, pull a two-column row and put it into one of your columns. Then, add a one column below that. Do that for all three columns BEFORE you add the content. You will add your colored background now to the parent column.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I tried this but it doesn’t allow me to then save it as a Saved Module. Each callout needs to be different and I can’t do it as a saved row. So I was hoping to do this with CSS.

Can you do it as a saved column? (This would be the parent column.)

Thanks. It took me a while but I think I got it. The parent column settings disappear after I add the nested rows. So I think I need to add the color and radius first.


Thanks again

Glad you got it all sorted out.