Can I use "vmin" to determine row height?

I can only see vh, vw and px. I would like to use vmin to determine a height across all screen sizes. I this possible?


It isn’t available as a unit you can select, but you can use custom CSS to add the property/value. :slight_smile:

Thanks Danny,

Hey Danny, do I need to give the row (or item) an HTML tag in order to target it with custom css? I could not see how to do that. (I’m very new to the Beaver!)

Thanks Alex

Hi Alex,

When you say give the row or item a HTML tag, do you mean a custom class which you can then use to target that row?

If so, then I would recommend using a custom class that way your CSS will only style rows that use the custom class. You can add a custom class by going to the Rows Settings > Advanced Tab > HTML Element > Class (its near the bottom).

Add your class name without the period i.e. like this my-custom-class instead of .my-custom-class. Once saved, you can use that class in your custom CSS.