Can not Install - Incorrect Private Key Error

When I try to install my new license, it allows me to go through the upload page, where it asks me where the Zip file is. I tell it. Everything is fine.

Then, it asks me for my FTP/SSH Password (to talk to my server), which I entered

Copy / Paste Private Key: And then here I pasted that long Key that came with my order.
I keep getting the following error

“Private key incorrect for ccs18
Make sure that the key you are using is an RSA key and not a DSA key”

To say that I am frustrated would be putting it mildly.

Wordpress ambiguity…
Figured it out.

Put the license key in the area for private Key - having already entered the ssh password.

Glad you figured it out, Melissa! And thanks for taking the time to inform us. Have fun! :slight_smile: