Can the latest Plugin update have broken Font-Awesome for mobile?


I updated to a few hours ago and now just realized that the font-awesome stopped being awesome on iPhone? It displays empty square blocks instead of the expected symbols, and the console in Safari on the laptop says that there are a lot of Unexpected CSS Token:

The iPhone is still on iOS 7 if this makes a difference.

I’ll keep hacking at it and if I find it’s something else I’ll come say here.

Looks like this newly added CSS had something bad in it

.semidark {
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);

Maybe an invisible character. I jiggled it a bit and all is good.

Hey Gerard,

Sorry but I’m a bit confused here. Is that CSS from the plugin? If so on what module?


Hi Ben,

It was a line added by me in the customizer. I had copied it from a webpage so maybe it had brought in some hidden character. I deleted and re-did the spaces and if fixed itself. :slight_smile:

All is ok with the update, you can even delete this thread if you want.


Hey Gerard,

I figured, just wanted to make sure! :slight_smile: Have fun with The Beaver!


If not for late night false alerts, I don,t think I,d ever need to posts anything here lol

Off to see about the new theme update :slight_smile:

Have a great day

No worries! We love having you around here! :slight_smile: