Can you justify text


I know you can left/right/center align BUT is there any way to justify a text module?


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Hi, justifying text in a web page is not very recommended cause hyphenation is not managed (or not correctly maybe), so you can get too large spaces between the words depending on the column width.
Although you can do it with CSS:

  1. Add a custom class to the targeted text module
  2. Add this CSS to your site:
    my-custom-class p { text-align: justify; }

Can someone expand more on these instructions??? I have done this to a text module and the text alignment stays the same…no changes.

Hi there,

You need to put the css below into your theme’s css styles. You can probably do this by opening the Customizer for your theme and look for CSS code, Custom CSS, or something similiar. Copy / paste this css in that location. This will affect ALL paragraphs inside a Beaver Builder text module.

.fl-module-rich-text .fl-module-content .fl-rich-text p {
  text-align: justify;
  text-justify: inter-word;

I am using the BB theme. Would this still apply?

Yes, it will work with the BB theme. Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS