Cannot add rows to page after it was assign as front page

I am working on a site locally that I installed with MAMP. As I wanted to start with a fresh slate, I created a new page intending to assign it as the home page. This time I was using Genesis’ Modern Portfolio Pro + Dambuster + Genesis Extender. My design was coming along nicely so I decided to assign the page as home through settings>reading.

After I did that, all my rows except the first row disappeared. When I tried to add new rows, the drag-n-drop row buttons are now greyed out and will not add a new row. Bummed out that my work was lost, I decided to start fresh again so I created another new page but this time immediately assigned it as the homepage after creating it. After I did that, and clicked page builder for that page, the original 1st row from my former page was present and I still had the same problem of not being able to add a new row. Trying it again with a different page name didn’t help.

Trying to assign another template besides blank didn’t work either. So now Builder has been rendered useless on this development site. Any idea about what went wrong and how I can fix this?

Just a quick update- I can create a new page, use dambuster tweaks, pick a template and it looks fine. As soon as I assign that page to be the homepage, then the whole template goes away and is replaced by the single first row of my original design.

Hey Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! I think this is caused by a setting on your theme. Some themes like to control the contents of the homepage. I’d suggest going over through your theme settings and look for anything which does what I stated above. Hopefully, it’s a setting we can just turn off. If it can’t, you may need to contact the theme devs to see if there is a way to turn it off.

Hope this makes sense.


Ben I figured it out. So what the problem was might have been the way dambuster and Modern Portfolio pro is put together. It turns out my “first row” was actually the about widget from the theme. As soon as I removed that widget from it’s widget container, I was then able to insert rows with BB.

I think that particular DOM structure didn’t allow for BB to insert where it was expecting.

Hey Jason,

Glad you figured it out! And thanks for sharing what it was! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: