Cannot edit pages - "Unable to update the meta value of 'site-sidebar-layout' in the database."

Hello everyone,

i’m writing to report a weird issue i’m having during these days.

Basically, i’m not able to edit any of the pages with Beaver Builder because everytime i click on the Beaver builder edit btn i get the following error: “Update failed. Unable to update the meta value of ‘site-sidebar-layout’ in the database.”

Given the attached payload, the response is: {
“code”: “rest_meta_database_error”,
“message”: “Impossibile aggiornare il valore meta di site-sidebar-layout nel database.”,
“data”: {
“key”: “site-sidebar-layout”,
“status”: 500

I already tried to disabled all the other plugins, but the issue still exists.

Any idea about the issue? Or better, any idea on how to fix?

I guessing you are clicking the edit button in the WP page edit screen? Then seeing this error?
site-sidebar-layout appears to be a theme post meta option and is not part of BB

The fact BB does not load is because of this error coming from the DB, it is not caused by BB.

Perhaps your host is one of those hosts that limit DB size and you have hit that limit, or perhaps the database is just broken. My advice is contact the host and ask them.

Hello everyone,

I have the same situation on my website but I can’t find a solution and it seems there are no issues with the database/hosting.
Do you know something more we can try?

Many thanks

Are you getting the exact same error?