Cannot edit the content, get 500

I have try to update the content and it returns message of
‘the server responded with the status of 500()’

Is it because of the server or some plugins conflict with the beaver itself?

What should I do with this problems

Thank you


A server 500 error is related to your server. Best course of action is to contact your web host provider and have them review the error logs which should indicate what triggered the error.

I know this topic is old but if this can help anyone else …

For my 500 error, I was only having this issue with a single page, which has a ton of content. I also tend to save a lot which led me to this specific Beaver Builder 500 error problem. Even with Debug set to true and reviewing the server logs, nothing showed what the problem was.

My fix was to go into PhpMyAdmin and go into the wp_postmeta table and sort by post_id and from there ended up deleting all but the last two ‘meta_key’ rows containing ‘fl_builder_history_state##’. I had 19 revisions so ended up deleting the ‘_fl_builder_history_state_0’ - ‘_fl_builder_history_state_17’.

So, to me it seems Beaver Builder is using up the available server memory due to the possibility of it attempting to load all the prior history states?!? This really seems like a bug in Beaver Builder to me. Is there was a way to limit Beaver Builder history revisions?

Sure, head over to the docs and type history into the searchbar.

Thanks, that looks like it solved my revision saves issue.

While I could dig through the code to find out … is BB reading / loading in all the history states for that page when clicking the on page “Beaver Builder” edit button?