Cannot Edit Via Page Builder

I created a new page using Page Builder and added content, saved, and published. It looks correct. However, now I want to edit the page in Page Builder. It opens up but I can’t edit any of the existing content, add rows, add content, etc. Page Builder is basically not functioning any longer (although it does display).

I’ll post credentials privately.

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Hey Lloyd!

Do we have your permission to disable plugins for troubleshooting purposes? A plugin might be interfering with BB.


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Hey Lloyd,

So the problem here is that the Contact Page template of your theme has a JS code that looks for an element with the ID of google-map. Since it can’t find that on your Contact page, it returns a JS error, which in turn breaks the builder.

I noticed on the native WP editor, the tinyMCE has a button for Google Maps. I tried using that and it gave me a shortcode. I used the shortcode inside the page builder and it renders a map with the ID the JS code is looking for and the issue is no longer. Will you be using a map on your Contact page? If you aren’t, I’d suggest just using the default page template, as I believe that is the only difference between the two(not sure here). Or you could get in touch with the theme authors. You could have them do a check if the content contains an element with that ID first before their JS code runs.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: