Cannot set page as home page

Hey guys I’m loving the plugin so far! I made a test page on my site and when I go into settings > reading to change the page to the newly designed page it still shows the old page. Even deleted the old page and it still shows up?

Is the page showing as the home page showing your posts ? (which is the default WP home page)
Do you have a cache plugin active ?
If the site is live, please provide a URL to take a look.
HTH, Dave

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Update. Just in case anyone needs more detail. Im running The Parallax pro theme by Genesis.

When I set my new beaver builder page as the static home page in setttings > reading it shows up as the original home page.

I went as far as deleting the original home page and it still showed up? How can it still show up if I deleted it? I cleared the cache and everything.

My home page does not show posts I have it set to static home page not blog posts.

I can navigate to the page just fine but I cannot set it as my static home page. It just keeps re-directing back to the old home page. Even if its in the trash.

Hi, Hector,

In the theme folder there’s a file, front-page.php - try renaming or removing that file.


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That did the trick! Thanks man. I renamed the file and it works as expected.