Can't Change Anything About Header

So far so good using Beaver Builder, except for one rather major issue…

Other than selecting the menu used for the header in the Wordpress options, I can’t do anything with the header itself.

I can’t add any additional text, or add a logo, I can’t change the number of columns - for some reason the menu is spilling onto two lines which makes me think the header is set up on this theme with two columns. I can’t remove the little Search icon which I don’t want. I can’t change the color or style of the heading, which I can do with any other custom menu.

Am I missing something? I go back to the Wordpress editor, and I can’t find any options in there either. I can’t believe we’d be stuck with a completely immutable header which will look completely out of place with the rest of the site.

I appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

Hi Glen,

To edit the the Beaver Builder theme, you will want to load up the WordPress Customizer. From here you can change your header logo, navigation position and so forth.

The Customizer can be found in the WordPress admin bar -


Ah, cool. I knew I was missing something. Thanks!

No problem, Glen. Happy to help!