Can't Delete Rows Or Modules

Ok guys, been loving BB but ran into an issue with a site today.

Working on: and I added one of the templates to the site and started going to town. I played around for a while with no issues.

After a while of making changes, saving, and editing again, I needed to delete a module. but when I tried to delete it this time, it would not delete. I tried deleting the row, and nothing happened. It wouldn’t let me click the button.

So, I tried closing BB and “discard changes” but it wouldn’t let me do that either! It was like the button wouldn’t click. So I started save the rows I had been working on and wanted to keep and started a new page. I added back in the rows I had saved and pow, same problem again!

Next I tried flushing the cache on the server, then BB, then the server again, and no go.

Now I can’t delete a row or module or discard BB changes on any page in the site I try!

Please help!

Hey Hunter,

All of those options, deleting a row/column/module and discarding changes, require a pop up confirmation from the browser. Chances are, you have those disabled. Can you try resetting the browser’s settings and see if that fixes it? You could also try a different browser to check.

Let us know how it goes!


That was exactly it! Thanks for the help while I had a dummy moment! lol

No worries at all, Hunter! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: