Can't edit home page using BB

Hi everyone, thanks for BB!

I am a novice and have just started learning WordPress. BB seems to work on some of my pages, but it’s been sporadic on the home page. Now, even though it is active on the home page, when I click on it to edit it, I can’t do that, nor can I add modules.

Having looked at previous answers, I have tried to deactivate all other plugins but that didn’t work. My home page is also set to static page and the settings are enabled for posts and pages in BB. Could you please provide me with some advise how to proceed?

Many thanks

Hi, you could try to enable safemode when editing the page with BB:

If you’re able to edit modules in the layout in safemode, it could mean there’s bad custom code in a module (HTML, CSS or JS).

Hi avanti,
thanks for your reply.

I actually found that by amending my front page file from front-page.php to _front-page.php, I was able to use both my child theme customize function and BB on the same page. I was also able to assign my home page as my front page without issues, and make it look like a webpage rather than blog post.

However, I’ve lost some of the original widgets included in my child theme layouts, ie Middle button, Home button etc…

Is there a way to have both? I am using Genesis and the child theme is foodie pro. If I revert the file back to front-page.php, I lose BB access again.

Many thanks

Sorry, i’m not sure anymore, i thought you had a static front page (not a post) and tried to edit it with BB, which should work.
Given BB is set to edit both pages and posts on your site, you should still be able to edit the front page if it was a post (but you’d loose the default post layout, the BB layout would replace it in this case).
I don’t know Genesis, sorry.