Can't Edit Saved Row - 404 Error

Hi, I created row a the bottom of a page as a Saved Row that is Global. When I click on the tool icon to edit, it takes me to a 404 page.

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Hey Mel,

I have a feeling there is a missing closing tag or something going on in that global row. Unfortunately, I also can’t seem to edit it either on the page or via the BB panel where it saves global rows. You may need to create it, but before we go that route, can you access that global row on any other page to check the content?



Did you have found a solution for this problem ?

I have the same…

Hey Sebastian,

I think there was a missing closing tag or something that corrupted the row. I believe it may have had to be recreated as missing tags can certainly render a global row useless. As you are having the same issues, can you access the global row and edit on any other page?


Hey Billy,

i have save the permalink option again. And now it works :wink:

Perfect, I think I was going to mention just saving those again and clearing the BB cache, but great to hear!