Can't get my blog the same as my pages.


I am using BB with DWB, and I have set up one of the new BB global options with a logo and menu - disabling the Wordpress header with Genesis Dambuster.

When I go to my blog page, there is no option to select a page template, so I can’t activate the Page Builder option.

Looking at the blog on the front end, it just displays the standard Wordpress stuff. Of course, it is almost midnight, and I’m tired. :slight_smile:

Any way to get around this and use the BB page templates on my blog?



Hi Hugh,

By default, BB is not enabled on blog pages. To do so, go to:

Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > Post Types > check the Posts box > Save Post Types :slight_smile:

Hey Hugh,

When you say ‘Blog Page’ do you mean the page you set under Settings > Reading > Posts page? If so, there’s no way to override that since WP generates the content for that page dynamically. I’d suggest creating a separate page and use our Posts module to output your posts. The said method also allows you to select the page template you want for that page, i.e., more flexibility. Let us know if you need help with that.


Thanks guys - problem solved with the Posts module. Just deselected the blog page in the WP settings.

Thank very much.

No worries! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben!

I think that I’m having the same issue. I LOVE BB, and I’m using the BB theme for my site. The Blog page on my site looks awesome! But when I click on “Read More” in one of the posts, the page that appears is my old blog page template.

Can you elaborate on your statement “I’d suggest creating a separate page and use our Posts module to output your posts.” I’m not sure I know how to get the right format for a page with a single blog post.


Hey Rob,

Are you trying to use the page builder for your posts as well? If so, that is an option if you like. You’ll need to toggle that post type in the page builder settings via dashboard > settings > post types and then check posts. Is that what you were after?


Hi Billy,

Thanks for the quick reply! I have an existing blog with hundreds of posts. Currently, I am displaying the first 10 of those posts on a “Blog” page that I built with BB. It displays those posts by using a “Posts” module from under the “Advanced Modules” area.

However, when I click on any of those posts, it takes me to a page that is formatted like my old blog. I would like it to take me to a page that is formatted the same as the new “Blog” page. Does that make sense?

I already wen into Page Builder settings and checked the “posts” button, but I still have the issue. Thanks for the help!


Hey Rob,

Yes, that does make sense now. Unfortunately, BB doesn’t automatically format your posts, you would need to do that on each post or create a custom page template to be used for posts. That’s a bit more technical, but there are a ton of articles out there for accomplishing that if you are interested.

I guess what I mean is, BB can’t/won’t automatically do anything with your content unless you activate it. At that point, it would port your content into a single text editor module which you could then work from to recreate your layout however you like.