Can't get the full width row to work... stays fixed.

Hey guys! I am a new customer and this is my first post here.
Maybe I am missing something, but for some reason I cannot get rows to go full width. I click to edit the row from fixed to full-width and nothing happens. This is a fresh install with only the BB theme and builder and no other plugins yet. I’m kind of stumped over this simple operation :stuck_out_tongue: Any thoughts?

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Hey Shawn,

Welcome to the BB family! It looks like you haven’t set up any pages yet so the homepage is just showing the native WordPress latest posts page which isn’t full width. Go ahead and start setting up your pages and then you can set the reading settings for homepage, etc. to start full unleashing the power of BB! :slight_smile:

This details a good starting point -


Yes understood… there is nothing there because the first post I started to create is not allowing full width. I click the row options and make it full width but it’s not working. You can try creating a new post on the site or look at the draft I have started and see…

Hi Shawn,

In addition to what Billy has mentioned, it should be noted that rows in Posts will not display full width; only Pages can display full width rows.

That said, if you want to display your Posts in a full width row, you may do so (as I notice you have the Pro version) using the Posts Module on a Page that has the row AND content set to full width.

Also, using the supplied Blog Grid template in the Content templates is a convenient way to display your post excerpts in a full with row.


Seriously… posts cannot be made full width?? I spent time on the demo before purchasing and loved how it performed but if I understand correctly, you are saying the way the demo performed cannot be applied to posts? That seems odd. It’s important to me that I be able to build posts using the full page… there must be a way to make posts go full width?

I guess it could be done by building each ‘post’ as a page and then build custom category pages and a front end blog page then edit those each time a new ‘post’ is added. That’s a fair bit of extra effort though. Maybe I am not seeing the full picture here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Shawn,

Unfortunately, that is the case. Reason for that is because Posts are mainly used for blogging which focuses more on content rather than layout. Do you mind sharing with us what you are trying to achieve as there maybe another way around it? :slight_smile: You can always use the private reply option below if necessary.


Hey Shawn,

If that’s what you’re trying to achieve then you can use our Posts module for your homepage. It can output Pages as well so you don’t have to update it every time you add a new Post-Page.


Ok, thanks for your responses.

I’ve purchased and explored half a dozen builders in the last couple months, Divi, Thrive, OptimizePress, Visual Composer, Avada and now BeaverBuilder. BB appears to be a decent, quality product backed by a great team and I was excited to buy in… but no full width posts, in my view at least, is a bit of weak spot in this otherwise awesome package.

I love what I see in this builder and just want to be able to create rich posts using the full canvas. Other builders are able and the BB demo seemed to showed it was able so I guess I am just surprised by this. I’m not sure what to do yet. I’ll ponder this over and get back with you guys.


Hey Shawn,

No worries! If you like, you can head over to our User Voice Forums and add that in as a Feature Request! It doesn’t need to have a lot of votes. If it sounds reasonable the guys will consider implementing it.

In the meantime, you could play around for a bit more. I don’t really see any problems using the method I posted above. In fact, and I just tried this on my localhost, you can use the plugin Add Category to Pages and you’ll be able to set a Category for the Posts module you’ll place on the homepage. Just let us know if you need help regarding that matter :slight_smile:


Ok I’ll play around with it more and catch you guys after the weekend.

Awesome! You do the same. :slight_smile: