cant install beaver builder

when installing to beaver builder lite i get error

“Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file.”

and when installing from file i get error

“Failed to write file to disk.”

I am looking in to if the issue is server space currently our server is 90% full I will fix this and update this.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! This really sounds like a hosting space issue. Let us know how it goes!


Confirmed I needed to add server space

Hey Mike,

Thanks for letting us know! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile:


As an addition to the issue of not being able to install beaver builder. The original issue I had was that when I would go in to page builder. every thing would left align and if i edited any thing it would just disappear. I found a solution that needed me to reinstall beaver builder. now that i have increased my drive space and reinstalled every thing works.

This is not official but the original issue may have been caused by not enough space as well. may want to look in to that as well.