Can't License Key when upgrade from Lite to Pro

Hey can’t seem to find where to upgrade by entering the product key can you please help!

Hey Marty,

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You’ll have to uninstall the Lite version first then install the Pro version. Once you’ve installed the Pro version, you can head over to Settings > Page Builder > License and place your license key there. That should allow you to update the plugin remotely. :slight_smile:


I can’t find the pro version anywhere in the plugins list - everytime I search only one version comes up that i download and it’s always lite,

Do I have to be using the pro version of WordPress??

Hi Lucy,
You have access to the zip file to download from here.
( the file name is )
And you upload it, not search for it in the WordPress plugin repository - commercial plugins and themes are installed this way)

(and there is no such thing as a pro version of WordPress!)

Here is the link to the downloads when you are logged in to your account:

HTH, Dave

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Hey Dave,

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Just follow Dave’s instructions above and you should be good to go! If you need further help, just let us know! :slight_smile:

Also, I’d advise using a different display name. Change it to anything, just not your email address. :slight_smile: This can be done under Account > Edit Profile.