Can't select sub-menu item in navigation bar

Hi, I inherited this site with Beaver Builder, I was skeptical at first but am really starting to like BB.

Anyway I started adding some sub-pages to the site and am running into an issue and am hoping someone can paint me in the right direction.

I added a sub-page to the menu, (Residential > Residential Solar System Maintenance) and when I hover over the parent page, it shows the sub-page, but there is a space between them and when I move the mouse to click on the page, the sub-menu item disappears so there’s no way to click on the page.

Not sure the best solution, I guess I need to make the navbar slimmer to eliminate the space? Is it a margin or padding issue and on what class (is that the right word)?

Also, what class(?) do I need to edit so that the drop-own menu has a background color?

I hope that is specific enough and would really appreciate any help, thanks!

Doesnt look like a BB menu, try adjusting z-index for the menu


I looked at your site and the underlying css. The nav is hand made, and is not a good experience on smaller screens. The questions you asked indicate you don’t have much experience with css. That’s ok, everyone starts somewhere. That theme has problems and is going to give you pain in the future.

Since you are getting comfortable with BB, my suggestion is to purchase their Theme Builder plugin and use the BB theme. Migrate everything over. There is not much content to move. It will serve you well.

I’ve built scores of sites, from small businesses to national brand media sites using the BB suite, some plugins, and occasional custom coding for one-off features. I’ve never been disappointed.