Can't use BB on one page

I’m also building new pages for a website and have run into the same exact issue today (no problem like this during the past week I’ve been working on the site). When I click to open the page in Beaver Builder, it opens the page but doesn’t open the Beaver Builder edit bar at the top meaning I can’t do anything to change/edit the page.

I’m only having this issue with this one particular page on the site - all others appear to be working fine. Before this happened, this page was also causing me some aggravation because it kept freezing when I would go to add more items to it and also when I was trying to save drafts of it.

This is a basic page at this point. I have done no customized coding edits for it.

Here’s the URL for the page that’s having issues:

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!

Are you still having this problem or did you find a solution?