Capitalisation of types

Had an interesting occurence, threw together a quick module in around 30mins, and in doing so I accidently input my field type with a capital, like so:

'type' => 'Text'

What was funny was that 3 people all tested it on local environments and it worked perfectly, however when it came to a live site, the form would freeze and the text fields were blank.

Once I changed it to

'type' => 'text'

Everything worked perfectly…now I know it isnt a bug, it is my coding that caused the error, but what did surprise me was that in Desktop Server and WAMP it functioned perfectly fine.

Hey Jon,

It might have to do with the filesystems and how they handle capitals. That variable is used to locate the field’s php file, so if it’s capital and looking for field-Text.php instead of field-text.php, it might be recognized differently on different systems.