Card module

Hi guys! I´ve been using bb for a while and its great and awesome. However sometimes i just want some blocks with text and a background image/color but not edit the columns since i want other modules in there that should not have the styles the column adds. Basically it´s a text editor with some styling choices to be able to achieve this so nothing totally fancy here. I do see some potential here though since almost every framework nowadays have a component like cards. Bootstrap 4 introduces it in version 4 as an example

I created a plugin for this but it´s still in development. The code is ok but can certainly use some commenting and the settings could be divided into sections etc.

I do want to share this to see if someone else is interested in this module and maybe wants to help me improve it.

The repo:

Hey Martin,

Thanks for sharing! I’m a little swamped this week catching up after being gone last week. When I’m caught up I’ll give this a closer look.


What’s the difference between this and the callout module?