Category Filtering - How would you go about this?

Hi! Looking for advice on possible solutions for the following scenario:

I’d like there to be category navigation and within each category for the navigation to go deeper into its sub-categories. Here’s an example:

North America | South America

Click on North America ->

USA | Canada
(Display list of posts in North America)

Click on USA ->

New Jersey | New York
(Display list of posts in USA)

Powerpack has a Category Grid module but doesn’t seem to fit exactly what I’m looking for it to do. It displays all sub-categories rather than only one level down.

Another solution I considered is using FacetWP but will require a bit more work than I had anticipated but willing to go down that path if that’s what it takes.


Maybe WP GridBuilder, that’s able to query taxonomy terms and render them in a grid:

It also has a powerful facet feature.
It’s much more intuitive to setup than Facet WP.

Interesting. I’ve never heard of this plugin but it looks fantastic.

Yes, i’m beginning to use it in a project and only have good surprises with it so far.
It combines multiple advantages that would require several other plugins to reach the goal, it’s solid, efficient UI and offers a fair price.
Worth the try to test it at least!