Challenge With Sidebar on Standard Blog Post Template


I’m having a challenge getting my standard blog post to look like your demo featured here:

In particular, getting the primary side bar to go to the top of the page.

I can apply the Standard Blog template to a page for my blog listing, however when I add a new post from the WordPress dashboard and select Page Builder, Templates, Content Pages, Blog Standard - the layout comes up with the title, author and publish date sitting well above the editable content area (which is a row containing a “posts” and “sidebar” module.

Am I missing something?



Hey Jamie,

Do you think you could send us the URL of the site you are having this problem on? If that’s not possible maybe even a screenshot? You can use an image hosting service like imgur and share the link here. Sorry, it’s just that I’m having a hard time picturing out the issue.


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Hey Jamie,

Thanks for the very detailed reply! I think I see your problem now. The link you gave above - - does not use the Blog Standard template. It’s a single post, i.e., step 1-4 from your reply above plus content. You need not use the Blog Standard template on your single posts anymore. On the other hand, this page - - is where our Blog Standard template is being used. It simply provides a feed of your single posts. :slight_smile: