Change callout icons style

If we have 6 callout icons in a page and we want to change icon colors and size, is is there a quick way to do it altogether instead of do it one by one?

Maybe this product video will give you an idea (see at 54th second).

Hi Hence,

Thanks for getting in touch! That ability is not available currently in BB, but we do have something similar in the works for the near future, however, we’re think more along the line of linked templates. Linked modules may introduce a bit of a headache especially if using that same module throughout a site on different pages. Thanks again for getting in touch!


Thank you Billy and glad to hear about future plan. Live composer plugin has similar feature called ‘preset’ to make the style consistent.

Just hat the same issue, Hence. I solved this with CSS. When creating the callouts I gave them a class and then copied the callout, changed the content, moved it to the next row and so on. Now you can target all icons at once with your custom class and off you go.

Hope this helps and regards,